If you read blogs, especially about personal finance, many people are of the “my way or the highway” belief. Screw them, and the horse they rode in on!

The Secret to Keeping Your Job? Do it Well!

With unemployment rates still sky-high, people are doing anything they can to stay employed. How far do they go? I’d venture a guess and say too far.

An Open Letter To The Credit Industry

Who is really to blame for all of the credit-related issues we have to deal with? Sure the people who misused it, but what abut the credit industry itself?

Interest rates are at historic lows, giving people even more reason NOT to save their money. That’s not the smart approach, and this is why.

The True Cost Of Leasing A Car

Pricing car leases seem pretty straightforward, but they’re tricky, requiring some math to find the true cost. And that’s just how the dealers like it.

Withholding Too Much From Your Pay Is A Waste

Some people think that big tax refund is a good thing, but if you take a step back and look at it logically and objectively, you will see it’s a big mistake