Credit is Not the Enemy, You Are!

When it comes to credit card debt, people like to point the finger everywhere but where the belongs: the person who looks back at them in the mirror.

Money Mistakes Aplenty AKA Life In My 20s

I’m not perfect…far from it. In fact, I’m quite open about my poor history with money and here’s a summary of how I screwed up big-time!

Give Up The Credit Cards Are Evil Crap

Credit card debt can be a bitch; I’ve been there so I know. Are the credit cards what’s really to blame or is there some other issue that people ignore?

Are Credit Scores Still Relevant?

Credit scores used to have significant meaning and influence over peoples’ everyday financial decisions. Is that still the case today?

When Do You Ask For Help With Finances?

Financial troubles are often difficult and embarrassing to admit to. You just need to get over it & seek help if you can’t get things under control yourself

A (Slightly) Different Approach To Pay Off Debt

Debt = interest payments. Here, you will see a debt reduction plan that not only considers interest rates but how to limit the additional interest you pay.