There Is Frugal And Then There Is Being CHEAP

Saving money is a priority for many. Is there ever a point where the idea of saving money overshadowing everything else including living life is ok? When do you cross the line from being frugal to being cheap?

I Will Never Wait Overnight At Any Store

Some products or deals make people do crazy things, like camping out on the sidewalk outside of a store for hours or days. Is it really worth it?

Is Technology Ruining Society?

Technology has shaped the world as it exists today. Sometimes it’s for the better, but other times, it leads to bad habits and can have negative effects.

Suze Orman Teaches You How NOT To Handle Criticism

Public figures let the wrong things slip out of their mouths at one time or another. Learn a lesson from one on how not to handle adversity and criticism

Should There Be A Test To Get A Mortgage?

Millions of people were affected by the housing crash. Should they have even been homeowners? Did people learn from their mistakes?

If you read blogs, especially about personal finance, many people are of the “my way or the highway” belief. Screw them, and the horse they rode in on!