No, Time Certainly Is NOT Money!

You can always earn more money. You can never get back time. The math is so simple, yet so many people make the mistake of equating the two in the completely wrong ways. So no, time is not money.

Valentine’s Day: The Biggest Bullshit Holiday Of All

Love is great–it’s the best feeling in the world. Valentine’s Day, though, represents nothing about real love or affection, just consumerism and forced “love” and I’ll prove it!.

Confessions Of A Former Apple Hater

Apple has what can be described as a cult-like following, as well as many die-hard haters. This is the story of how one hater started to come around and see things in a different light.

It’s Time To Stop Being A Follower & Think For Yourself

With all of the information and “advice” we are bombarded with, it is hard to make sense of it all. What are you supposed to do with it all?

There Is Frugal And Then There Is Being CHEAP

Saving money is a priority for many. Is there ever a point where the idea of saving money overshadowing everything else including living life is ok? When do you cross the line from being frugal to being cheap?

I Will Never Wait Overnight At Any Store

Some products or deals make people do crazy things, like camping out on the sidewalk outside of a store for hours or days. Is it really worth it?