Pay yourself from your phone while lounging

Business money is for business stuff and personal money is for personal stuff. I’ll show you how to pay yourself the right way when you are self-employed.

5 Big Reasons To Have Separate Bank Accounts For Business And Personal Money

Having separate bank accounts for business and personal money might seem unnecessary. Truth is, there are plenty of reasons to do it!

Black woman swiping a credit card on a merchant services account terminal at a small business that accepts credit cards.

It’s a necessity for small businesses to accept credit cards. It may cost money, but the flip side of limiting how you can get paid is even more costly.

Business man in blue suit handing a bundle of hundred dollar bills to a small business owner to buy his accounts receivables invoices.

Some small businesses can’t qualify for traditional funding options. Either they don’t have a long enough history or the owners have bad credit themselves. There is an alternative available to improve cash flow. Factoring companies can improve cash flow and help a business grow.