Some Ways Of Saving Money May Cost You More In The End

There are tons of money saving methods and techniques. Unfortunately, not all of them are foolproof. Some can actually cost you more than they save you if you aren’t careful.

Bank Drive-Thru Services, Paper Checks & Other Things I Don’t Miss About “Traditional” Banking!

I’ve eliminated most of the trappings of “traditional” banking. And you know what? I honestly don’t miss it. Here are the things I hated the most and miss the least about retail banking.

Seeking Financial Advice Online Is Exactly Like Clothes Shopping

Online advice about money can be a crap-shoot. It’s just like shopping for clothes, actually–what looks good on a screen can look differently or may not fit in real life.

The Complicated Process of Procrastination

If you suffer from procrastination, you certainly know how complicated it is – but here’s how to help yourself.

Derek Jeter Teaches You To Be A Success In Any Career

You always look for sources of career advice, and sometimes good sources will come as a surprise. They may even come in ways you never expected…like a superstar athlete such as Derek Jeter!

Worry About Your Money Not Your “Image”

Everyone knows a person who does things for no other reason than to please others and portray an image. Maybe you need to knock some sense into them!