Gift Cards Are The Absolute Worst Product Ever

Gift cards can be a pretty polarizing topic. What are my thoughts on the subject? You’ll have to read on to find out!

How I Get Free Cable Television (Without Equipment Or Hacks)

Like cable television? Hate the high cost you have to pay? You *may* be able to get it for free, as I do.

Owning An Expensive Car: Why I Have 0 Interest

Expensive car as a status symbol? Cars as signs of financial wealth? Sorry, I don’t buy it (no pun intended).

Investing In Collectibles: 100% Fun But Can Be Costly

Investing in collectibles–comic books, Pok√©mon cards, sports cards–can be a fun way to engage with your money but there are dangers to it as well.

It’s Okay To Rent.  Really, It Is.

Regardless of housing prices, there are plenty of reasons to rent a home. And, it is perfectly ok to do so if that is what’s right for you.

Stories About HAMP, HARP 2.0 And The Hardest Hit Fund With Chase Bank

It sucks when you live up to your commitments while others don’t. This is the story of how my home’s value suffered because of that scenario and all the hoops I jumped through to get help using HAMP, HARP 2.0 & The Hardest Hit Fund!