This will serve as a summary of all of the interviews I have given, the podcasts I have guested on, the awards I’ve been recognized for, and the articles to which I’ve provided my expert knowledge and quoted.

Authored Articles

Business Insider
Here’s What Not To Do At Your Bank’s Drive-Up Service
Why Being A Homeowner Doesn’t Give You Absolute Freedom
Why I Have Absolutely No Desire To Own A Status Car
Three Things To Do With Old TVs When They Finally Die

Money Boss
How to Manage Your Personal Finances Like a Business

The Busy Budgeter
Six Things Every Blogger Should Know About Taxes…

As Quoted in

Apartment Therapy
Can I Deduct My WFH Space on My Taxes? And Other Questions Self-Employed People Have

What happens to a bank account when someone dies?

Better Homes & Gardens
4 Home Improvements That Are Potentially Tax-Deductible

Business Insider
Can Bloggers, Instagrammers & Influencers Deduct Travel Expenses?
Why I’ve always ignored popular financial benchmarks

Carol Roth
Small Business Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints

The 11 Best Money Lessons from Our Favorite Personal Finance Bloggers

It’s time to ditch these 5 excuses and start saving now

The Consumerist
Not All Charitable Donations Become Tax Deductions
How To Get Out Of Private Mortgage Insurance

Credit Karma
3 Things to Look for in a Business Credit Card
5 Things You Should Know Before Applying for an Income-Based Repayment Plan
Major life events and your taxes: A quick guide
Tax-exempt interest and how it can affect your tax bill

Credit Sesame
How to Apply for a Mortgage if You’re a Freelancer

4 Ways a Home Equity Loan Could Benefit Your Finances

4 Smart Tips For Your Small Business Taxes
5 Things To Discuss With Your Accountant For Year-End Business Planning
6 Tips to Keep Yourself and Your Business Moving in the Right Direction

What Is a Business Credit Card? 8 Things to Know

6 Pieces Of Advice Financial Experts Share You Shouldn’t Follow
20 Financial Bloggers Share Their Secrets To Running A Successful Blog
Don’t Create An LLC Because You Saw It On TikTok
Stressed Out Solopreneur? 5 Tips to Prevent Entrepreneurial Burnout

Funding Circle
5 end-of-year tax tips for small business owners

5 Tax Mistakes Made by Millennials

Modern-day Client Portals: A Game Changer for Accountancy Firms

Valuable Financial Advice for Freelancers

Go Banking Rates
7 Tax Strategies the Rich Don’t Want You to Know About
5 Tax Mistakes Independent Contractors Make
30 Biggest Tax Problems for Married Couples
Money Matters: How Much Will I Owe in Taxes as a Freelancer?
How to Know If You Can Really Write Off That Donation

Good Financial Cents
16 Ways to Invest $100

Why You Should Owe On Your Tax Return

Gulf News
Do you have a side hustle apart from your full-time job? Avoid these mistakes

Home Business
Small Business Owners: How to Prepare for Tax Time and Avoid Procrastination

Homes and Rentals
The 4 Dangers You Face If You Don’t Back Up Your Tax and Financial Records

10 Myths About IRS Audits
How Year-end Business Taxes Work

HuffPost Business
31 Tips When Doing Your Own Taxes
5 Tax Mistakes Made by Millennials

5 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Small Businesses
Top Ways to Deduct Medical Insurance Premiums for the Self-Employed

Make Change by Aspiration
Financial Toolkit for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs
The Best Places to Work as a Freelancer

Quarterly estimated taxes: Here’s when they’re due, who owes them — and how to pay.

Milk & Honey
Tax Extensions: 10 Misconceptions, 10 Truth Bombs

30 Tips for Doing Your Own Taxes

My CareOne
Straight Talk on Debt: The Psychology of Personal Finance and Childhood
Straight Talk on Debt: Financial Lessons for Young and Old

New York Times: You’re The Boss
This Week in Small Business: Leave the Building
This Week In Small Business: Looking Stupid on Twitter

Top Four Tips for Implementing a Bookkeeping System

Seattle Times
Job plus a side gig? Avoid these mistakes

How to Take Your Side Hustle From Idea to Profit

TD Ameritrade: The Ticker Tape
Tax Filing and Extension Changes for 2020: What You Need to Know

The Penny Hoarder
5 Questions to Ask Before Doing Your Taxes Yourself (Plus How to Get Free Help!)

Personal Capital
4 Tax Tips Every Self-Employed Entrepreneur Needs to Know

The Points Guy
Paying Taxes With Your Credit Card in 2017

Policy Genius
Freelancers: Beware of Write-Off Mentality

Reader’s Digest
5 Types of Mail You Can Safely Throw Away (and 4 You Can’t)

The Simple Dollar
10 Ways to Trick Yourself Into Saving Money

3 Commonly Overlooked Self-Employed Tax Deductions

Travel + Leisure
5 Apps That Will Help You Make Money While Traveling

What to Say to Someone Going to a Funeral?

US News & World Report
Does Settling Credit Card Debt Affect Your Credit Score?

USA Today
9 Savings Strategies to Boost Your Finances

Make Tax Day Suck a Little Less This Year With Free Tax Filing

Wisconsin State Journal
Job plus a side gig? Here are some mistakes to avoid

Wise Bread
Best Money Tips: Practical Gifts That Give Back
Best Money Tips: Ways Your Bicycle Could Help You Earn Extra Income
Best Money Tips: Travel Mistakes to Avoid
Best Money Tips: Maximize a Hobby and Earn Extra Income
Best Money Tips: How to Host a Yard Sale
Best Money Tips: Go to College for Free
Best Money Tips: Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

The Side Hustler’s Guide to Income Taxes
Have a Job and a Side Gig? Watch for These Missteps


Avoid Being Hated
Avoid Being Hated by Your Accountant: Episode 22

The Blonde Spot
Mimosas With Eric Nisall – The Finale

Centsai Chat
Uncomplicating Your Taxes

Do You Even Blog
How to Save Money on Taxes (Using Your Blog!)

Do You Even Hustle
Eric Tells Us Everything We Need to Know About The Business Side of a Business (Ep 47)

Financial Conversation
FCP050 – Legitimizing Your Business

FinCon Money & Media Podcast
M&M Podcast: 5 Best Practices (including Building Community, Killer Video and Starting with “Why”)

Boost Your Savings Account by Adding the Money You Save on Every Deal (mini profile)

Make Money Your Honey Podcast
Make Money Your Honey Podcast Episode 25: Managing Taxes As A Freelancer
MMYH Episode 59: FinCon18 Review: How To Make Money at Conferences

Martinis & Your Money
Free Tax Prep vs. Paying a Professional
Taxes and Bookkeeping with Eric Nisall

Maple Money Podcast
How to Cut Through the Financial Noise

Money Mastermind Show
What Gives Someone Credibility As An Expert? LIVE at #FinCon15 (Guest speaker @15m mark)

Personal Profitability Podcast
PPP039: I’m Eric Nisall and I Do Accounting Like a Boss