Credit Cards & Debt

Credit cards, mortgages, credit reports, credit scores–it’s all vital to your financial health. Understanding how to use credit properly is one of the keys to financial success.


Content focusing on all aspects of entrepreneurship. Topics include starting a small business, small business taxes, accounting & bookkeeping, treating a side hustle as a full-fledged business, and more.

Financial Accounts

It’s hard to keep up with all of the various types of financial accounts–insurance, retirement, deposit accounts, etc. Having a clearer understanding of how they work will help you keep organized and on top of your money.

Income Taxes

Income taxes are an important but confusing topic. Should I hire a tax preparer or file my own taxes? Do I have to file a tax return? When are taxes due? Knowing the basics will make tax time less stressful.


Lifestyle choices focus on how you live life: housing, dating & relationships, cars, vacations, entertainment and similar spending choices.

Money management

Money management covers everything from budgeting to banking. Understanding where your money goes and managing your expenses is a big part of your financial health.

Opinions & Commentary

Commentary based solely only on my opinions & experiences. Topics can cover the range of anything under the sun, not just personal finance or entrepreneurship. Of course, most of the stuff in this section WILL fall into those areas for the most part 😉


Content focusing on non-traditional aspects of blogging. Rather than telling you “how” to do things, I believe in focusing on “why’s”. That, and speaking from the perspective of the reader as much as from the blogger.