Running A Business

Running a business is way more involved and difficult than just doing the thing that makes the money. What’s considered business income? What can be counted as business expenses? How do I find people to work with? Where do I find clients? All of those questions need to be answered and understood as well as doing the actual work.

Business & Self-Employment Taxes

Self-employment tax is a subject that when you know about it, will seem a lot less scary, but the problem is that not many “business influencers” ever talk about the taxes your business can potentially incur like that or even state business taxes.

Small Business Finances

Your business finances–checking accounts, savings accounts, insurance, payroll, credit cards–can get complex. Knowing how to track and manage it all will make running your business much easier.

Content Marketing

Content focusing on non-traditional aspects of your business such as your blog, videos, podcasting, and social media. Rather than telling you “how” to do things, I believe in focusing on “why”. That, and speaking from the perspective of the audience as much as the business.

Opinions & Commentary

Commentary based solely only on my opinions & experiences. Topics can cover the range of anything under the sun, not just personal finance or entrepreneurship. Of course, most of the stuff in this section WILL fall into those areas for the most part 😉