Breaking Down The Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction

Health insurance is confusing as all get-out! It’s worse when you’re self-employed. And if you’re married…Fuggedaboutit! Let me clear up the Self-Employed Health Insurance Deduction a bit.

Self-Employment Tax: What Most People Fail To Address

What is the self-employment tax? How is it calculated? When is it due? How do you pay it? This guide has the answers to your self-employment tax questions.

Digital Nomad? Know The Tax Rules To Avoid Trouble!

Being self-employed makes taxes complicated. Being a location independent digital nomad is even more confusing. This helps clear up some of the confusion.

What To Do When You Wrongly Receive A 1099-NEC

Paying taxes sucks. It sucks even more when someone wrongly filed a 1099-NEC resulting in duplicate income being reported to the IRS and you receive a letter saying you owe even more. Here is what you should do to resolve that issue.

1099-NEC: When You Should & Shouldn’t Be Filing

The new IRS Form 1099-NEC is similar to the 1099-MISC. That means you are probably getting bad advice as to when you need to send it, so let me clear up the confusion.

Year-End Business Tax Tips Are Often Misleading To Freelancers (Or Just Bad)

Freelancers can’t afford to leave tax planning for the end of the year. Even then, most of the year-end tax tips are plain bad and not worth the time it takes to read.