Are you looking for an expert source for an article or a video piece you’re doing?

Need a soundbite or a guest on your podcast?

How about a speaker to educate your group on personal finance or business issues?

Maybe you’d like someone to write an informed piece for your site or publication.

Whatever your need, as long as the issues involve entrepreneurship, self-employment, or anything along those lines I can accommodate you!

That is, as long as you’re not looking for the same-old, said-a-million-times-before, let me just take what someone else came up with and pass it off as my own type of partner.

But…if you’re interested in someone speaking from experience and with a background and expertise in the topics which he speaks about…

Then I’m your man!

What topics do I deal with?

Now understand, I don’t deal with everything like some people who think they’re experts in everything under the sun.

Instead, I stick to a few select issues that I know intimately and have dealt with extensively both personally and professionally like:

  • Business Management
  • Self-Employment Taxes
  • Accounting
  • Starting/Running a Business
  • Treating a “hustle” or side gig as a business

What sets me apart from others?

  • I’m not out for the world’s adulation. I know that people will disagree with some of my views and stances, and that’s perfectly fine with me.
  • I have actual work and life experience in the topics I deal with.
  • Audiences need to be entertained as well as informed and I happen to be entertaining.
  • I challenge people.
  • I tell it like it is
  • People always tell me I should have a talk show or podcast of my own.

You can find proof of all that on my Media Mentions page and listen to some of the interviews & podcasts I’ve done 😉

So if you have something you want to discuss or you’re ready to get me on your show, podcast, blog, etc. fill out the form below!

Very Important Information!

I do not accept unsolicited guest post offers, no matter how “unique” or “highly valuable” they are. Try commenting on articles and sharing my stuff to form a connection and then maybe I’ll consider you for inclusion in my pool of resources that I turn to as experts on topics that I’m not. I will never put anything on my site from strangers.

*You’ll get a copy of your message sent to you automatically so you know that you contacted me.
**If you don’t get it within 5 minutes, make sure you check your spam folder and then mark my message “safe” or “not spam” in case it accidentally got routed there!