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I provide common sense advice for handling your personal finances and running your small business

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A Bit about Eric

Eric J. Nisall is an accountant, entrepreneur, writer & speaker.

He loves rare steak, sushi, NY pizza, comic book movies/cartoons, all rock & old school hip-hop, sleeping in, The New York Rangers and awesome people.

He hates “reality” tv, people who give advice without any kind of knowledge base, entitled people, selfish neighbors and on-hold music.

“I’ve spent a chunk of my life working with small businesses and individuals that I was told to work with. Hopefully I can be a beacon of truth and information for you here!”

Yes, that's naked baby me in a sink!

Why include this? Why not?

You have to admit, I sure was one hell of a cute little chubster back in the day!

Actually, it does serve a purpose...to show that I'm not just about the seriousness of business.

Besides, who else has the balls to put a naked baby pic of themselves on their site!?

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